Cactus City

Cactus City title screen

Animated image of Pat Ethic Animated image of a bandit Jan Zlahoda, Steven Hsing and I have unfortunately stopped working on this game, but you can download a demo we released a few years ago. To run it, you need a 386 with a hard disk, 2 MB RAM and an SVGA video card.

Download the Cactus City demo now (476 KB, zip format).

Screenshots from the game

Thumbnail image of a Cactus City screenshot Click here for a full screen high-resolution Cactus City screenshot (54 KB, GIF format). In this image, you can see the tile artwork of Jan Zlahoda.
Hotel reception room Dialogs are abundant in the game. For every question a person asks, you will often have more than two answers to choose from. It is also possible to quit a conversation in progress.
The county prison You will meet many people in the game. Pictured here are the county sheriff and a prisoner. You can ask the sheriff to allow you to talk to the prisoner.


Jan Zlahoda, Computer artist

Steven Hsing, Computer Artist

Javier Thaine, Programmer

The song "Cover of Darkness" (the one that plays while on the map) was composed by Daedalus, aka Brian C. Bennetts. If you like that song, you can download more tunes by Daedalus. People working on commercial projects who are interested in his songs can contact Daedalus.

Programming libraries used: JLVESA (click here to download), XMS200JE (click here to download) and Bells, Whistles and Sound Boards.

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